Looks really matter. Product packaging can be both your first and last chance to make an impression on your customer - so make it count.

A premium product tag can communicate the quality of your brand to your customer and ensure that your product stands out from the crowd and ultimately makes it to the till.

We specialise in producing quality tags made-to-order using the clients specifications that perfectly communicate your brand’s message.

Which type of tag or ticket will work best for you depends on how you envisage the overall look of your product and the amount of information you need the tag to communicate.


Swing Tags

Swing tags are simple, double-sided product tags.

Multi-Ticket Tags

Multi-ticket tags contain multiple individual tags neatly grouped together with a premium string.


Cotton Strings

Cotton strings are extremely durable and fray-resistant to create a tag that adds a high-standard look and feel of quality to your product packaging.

One-Fold Tickets

A one-fold ticket is a simple, folded tag allowing you to display more information about your brand in a sleek way.


Eyelet Tickets

Eyelet tickets are sealed around the opening for the string to ensure no wear-and-tear to the stock used and giving a premium feel to the product finish.

Gift Tags

Our all-purpose gift tags made ready-to-go for your product.


Multi-Fold Tickets

A multi-fold ticket at first sight appears like  a one-fold ticket, but can expand out to tell the story of your brand, or give the customer more information about your product.

Our Finishes

Each of our tag and ticket products can be made to your exact specifications - in any size, stock or finish and combined with any of our string types.

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