Promotional wallet tags can convey added-value and are an innovative way to set your brand out from the crowd.

Your wallet can contain any insert you’d like - we’ve filled wallets with an array of added-value items from tickets, exclusive offers to spare buttons and wildflower seeds.

Strung Wallets

Our strung wallets can be tied directly to your product to elevate it to a premium level.

Seed Wallets

Our seed wallets can hold product seeds and flavourings to create the premium added value effect, with a range of substrates and strings to match the brands proposition.

Travel Tickets & Wallets

Top national and international travel brands have chosen our premium travel tickets and wallets to showcase their brands and convey a message.

Our Finishes

Each of our products can be made to your exact specifications - in any size, stock or finish and combined with any of our string types.